Deliver Outstanding Prepared Meals, with Exceptional Customer Service While Creating an Amazing Future for Yourself

We hear it every week. Rave reviews from customers who love the new flavors, others who appreciate standby favorites, and those who tell us that we delivered exactly what they needed when they needed it. Some work 80-hour weeks or juggle work and family commitments. Some aren’t able to cook for themselves. Some just need a break. Providing the fuel for our customers to live their best lives is the absolute best part of Maven Meals!

Now, you and your team have the opportunity to serve your community with tasty, prepared meals delivered directly to your customers’ doors. And with the support of a dedicated team and robust kitchen & logistical tools at your disposal, an exciting future surely awaits!

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How Does it Work?

Each week begins with a new list of recipes, an influx of online orders, and a well-executed & efficient delivery schedule. It sounds like a lot to keep track of, but Maven’s proprietary operations software, Kumquat, seamlessly manages all aspects of your business on-the-fly, in one smooth digital interface. It’s never been easier to run a business!

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Offer a new weekly menu through a user-friendly desktop or mobile interface

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Inventory & order ingredients, prepare & package food

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Pick & pack orders for delivery

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Kumquat automates the process throughout the week

A Logistical Dream

Kumquat, Maven’s proprietary operations software, turns the challenges related to ordering, scheduling, routing, reporting, and more into a remarkably easy-to-operate affair designed specifically for Maven franchise owners. It is the tech-focused answer to meal delivery operations, and it’s the foundation of everything we do each day.

Along with our proprietary operations software, delicious prepared meals & excellent customer service are the heart and soul of our business. We take immense pride in nourishing the community with healthful, conveniently delivered food in a way that is flexible, personal, and straightforward. Take advantage of this business ownership opportunity. Together, we can grow your business, create fulfilling futures for you and your team, and make the lives of your customers easier and more satisfying.